• Chairman
  • President Emeritus
  • President
  • Secretary of the CPC DNUI Committee

LIU Jiren, Chairman of the Board

All the purposes of education are to create the value of students and to contribute to the development of society through their future creation. Fundamental to achieving this goal is having a more advanced educational system, more efficient educational methods, and a perfect match between the content of education and the needs of society. And having a high-quality teaching team is the basis for achieving all these goals. Our teachers should have a high sense of responsibility for society, a conscience of responsibility for students and parents, and the ability to continuously innovate and respond to the needs of the teaching career.

WEN Tao, Vice Chairman of the Board and President Emeritus

We are committed to exploring a path leading us to be a university of applied sciences with distinct characteristics, high-standards and entrepreneurial spirit by integrating education and strong industry connections. We aim to offer the best care for our students. We care for our students’ personalized learning experience, we care for our students’ physical and spiritual development. We care for fostering students’ creative thinking skills, entrepreneurial and innovative capabilities. We want our students to have the knowledge, skills and qualities that will enable them to develop a successful career and continue their lifelong learning. When our graduates step out of our campus, we want them to be confident with their future career, feel responsible for their social obligation and to feel capable of realizing their dreams and values. We firmly believe that perseverance on pursuing quality tertiary education and continuous innovation on teaching will make our university a leading and dynamic university in the region, and by doing so, our university will be able to provide quality graduates that demanded by the regional economy and local industry.

GUO Quan, President

With the fundamental task of nurturing talents and cultivating virtue, DNUI adheres to the belief that "Empower students with innovative education", embraces the digital transformation and upgrading strategy of national and regional economy, deepens the integration of industry-education collaboration, fulfills the TOPCARES methodology, and constantly facilitates the building of a distinctive, high-level and entrepreneurial university of applied sciences. DNUI attaches our prior importance to students’ learning and development; enlightens students’ mind; cultivates their personalities; fosters their curiosity, initiative and innovative thinking; helps students to create personal and social values in the application of knowledge. We believe that this university, which inherits the gene of industrial culture, will certainly take up the responsibility and mission, to empower economic and social development, and nurture talents for the Party and the country.

ZHANG Guochen, Secretary of the CPC DNUI Committee

DNUI adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era , fully implements the Party’s education policy, firmly adheres to the socialist education direction, fosters virtue through education, keeps in mind the historical mission of serving the national rejuvenation, educates talent for the Party and the country, gives full play to the advantages of integrating industry and education, continues to serve the industrial and regional economic and social development. In terms of management system, innovation mechanism, training mode, and digital empowerment, we constantly explore and practice, and strive to cultivate high-quality, application-oriented professional talents with a sense of social responsibility, innovative spirit, international vision, and strong practical ability. We believed that such a distinctive, high-level and entrepreneurial university of applied sciences will be able to "cast a new chapter of talent education, and enlighten their minds for the future".