Our School's Computer Competition Data Ranks First Among Private Universities in The Country
Release time:2023-05-06 

At the 58th and 59th China Higher Education Expo held on April 8, 2023, the National University Computer Education Research Association, the National Virtual Teaching and Research Office for Teacher Teaching Development Research, and the Research Report Expert Working Group jointly released the Report of National College Students’ Computer-related Competition. This is the first release of the National College Students Computer-related Competition Research Report.

The 2012-2022 National College Students' Computer-related Competition Status Data (Top 54%) released as an attachment in the report showed that our school won 498 awards in 2012-2022, ranking first in the national college students' computer-related competition status. The grade result in the evaluation is A-, ranking first among private colleges and universities in the country, and the only private college among the top 6% in the country; ranking third among colleges and universities in Liaoning Province, following Dalian University of Technology and Northeastern University, ranking first in Liaoning provincial private colleges.

The report points out that by 2022, there are 18 undergraduate computer-related majors nationwide, covering 1,238 undergraduate colleges and universities, with 4,203 majors. Computer-related competitions, which are an important support for professional ability training, have also entered a period of rapid development in the past ten years. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 100 computer competitions in the country, which not only has the largest number of competitions in various disciplines in the country, but also has the fastest growth in the scale of competitions. The performance of each university in computer competitions is one of the important dimensions to evaluate the quality of computer professional talents training in relevant universities.

The report selects a total of 26 competitions as the coverage of data collection, including 18 computer competitions and 5 observation competitions in the ranking competition for computer-related competition in 2022 Competition Analysis Report for Students of National Regular Schools of Higher Learning. From the self-declared competitions, three items are selected, and the time span of data collection is from 2012 to 2022. The evaluation model of the Competition Analysis Report of for Students of National Regular Schools of Higher Learning is adopted, and the evaluation was carried out from the two dimensions of award-winning contribution and organizational contribution.