Good News! The Capacity of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Our University Ranks First Among Private Universities in Liaoning Province
Release time:2023-05-06 

On April 8th, 2023, at the 58th and 59th China Higher Education Expo, the National Virtual Teaching and Research Section of University Teachers' Teaching Development Research and the School of Education of Zhejiang University jointly released the Research Report on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in National Colleges and Universities for the first time. Our university ranked TOP 18% among the 1, 106 undergraduate colleges covered by innovation and entrepreneurship competition, ranked fourth among universities in Liaoning Province, and first among private universities in Liaoning Province!

After the overall analysis, data mining, multi-party investigation of domestic innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, the report finally selected 22 items of national innovation and entrepreneurship competitions in universities, including the "internet plus" College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the "Challenge Cup" College Students' Entrepreneurship Plan Competition. The time span was from 2012 to 2022, and the data analysis model was constructed from two dimensions: award-winning contribution and organizational contribution. It is pointed out in the report that the innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students, as a comprehensive competition, has distinct characteristics such as student-centered, close combination of theory and practice, so the level of innovation and entrepreneurship competition is one of the most direct measures of innovation and entrepreneurship education in universities.

In 2022, our university won a total of 98 awards at or above the provincial level in the field of important double-innovation events, including a national silver award in the 8th China International "internet plus" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, 13 provincial awards, 24 provincial awards in 2022 "Challenge Cup" Liaoning University Students' Entrepreneurship Plan Competition, 19 provincial awards in the 9th Liaoning University Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Annual Conference, 31 provincial awards in the Northeast Regional Competition of Microsoft "Innovation Cup" Global Student Science and Technology Competition in 2023, and 10 provincial awards in the Liaoning Innovative Method Competition in 2022, which demonstrate the high-level and high-quality dual-innovation education achievements of our school with breakthrough achievements.