Digital Campus

DNUI Students each have a laptop computer and can quickly access the campus network anytime and anywhere with 5G and WiFi available on campus. DNUI has an Internet export link up to 30Gbps, and students can freely choose various export bandwidths such as education network, China Unicom, and Telecommunications to achieve high-speed Internet access. DNUI has built a complete teaching platform, management platform, learning platform and other information systems. Students cannot do without these information systems for their study and life from enrollment to graduation. DNUI has also built a wealth of learning resources, including MOOC, homework management system, student practice platform, virtual simulation platform, online examination platform, formative assessment platform, graduation design management platform and other types of learning resource libraries. Meanwhile, a student-centered, integrated and intelligent education, management and service platform for the full life cycle of student growth has been built to achieve student management precision, education wisdom, service convenience, and scientific decision-making. The library of DNUI has distinctive features of automation, networking and digitization. It has more than 1.4 million books, nearly 800,000 e-books, and 316,000 e-journals. Based on 5G network for high-speed transmission of information resources, it has realized intelligent access control and distributed sharing, One Netcom certification, intelligent management and other functions, moving towards a comprehensive smart library.