Open Laboratories of Cutting-edge Technologies

Relying on the advantages of university-enterprise cooperation, DNUI tracks the technological frontiers of the industry, and has built more than 100 academic teaching laboratories, covering various fields of engineering, management, arts, foreign languages, and healthcare technology, especially academic laboratories that reflect the current industry mainstream technology development trends, such as intelligent robots, virtual reality, cloud computing and big data, wearable technology, semiconductor technology and integrated circuit testing, smart logistics, mobile application development, 3D printing, medical function, medical morphology, etc. DNUI has built an experimental practice project system for various programs to provide a good open experimental environment for the comprehensive and in-depth development of experimental training teaching and independent extracurricular practice. In addition, the Experimental Training Center organized the research and development of an open web-based experimental platform-Labform. This platform and the simulation experiments and experimental teaching resources it carries enable students to experiment and learn freely in a variety of ways through the Internet anytime and anywhere. All laboratories are under open management and open 7 days a week, 14 hours a day, to provide students with sufficient in- and out-of-class scientific research and free practice learning conditions. Students can make appointments for innovative technology experiments or entrepreneurial practice activities under the guidance of teachers.