Extending Blended Learning reform and creating smart education model

To positively cope with the innovation and transformation of higher education in the digital era, to solve the problems existing in the traditional teaching mode, and to connect tightly the trend of education, a blended, interactive and open ecosystem of Blended Learning is developed. This oriented-student ecosystem, taking student features of applied university as the starting point, is driven by study outcome.

Through the deep integration of face-to-face study (offline) and online study, the teaching process and mode are more flexible and versatile. The roles of both teachers and students are also changed in essence. Teachers play the leading roles such as instruction, enlightenment and supervising teaching process, meanwhile students, as the main body of study process, can develop their initiative, positivity, and creativity.

Through the Blended Learning reform, the teaching content is more all-round and open. How to solve the problems become the start point of study and the in-class teaching focuses on the activities of finding the way to solve problems. The interactive and co-work become the main study methods. The assessment is more intelligent, accurate and personalized by artificial intelligence, big data to track and analyze the study process and outcome. Students are more positive and realize their personal needs, which will inspire their innovative thinking and ability.