Activating maker gene, merging innovation and entrepreneurship to the process of nurturing talents

DNUI implements creative and integrated education and has introduced innovation and entrepreneurship to TOPCARES Competency Index System as an important evaluation index. We aim to establish a platform for sharing entrepreneurial education resources, to improve relevant support and assurance system required for successful entrepreneurship, to create an innovative culture, to offer innovative & entrepreneurial education to all students so that they can benefit in all aspects of their development, promoting higher quality growth of students with innovation and entrepreneurship education. We hope that our students will create their value that is unique to their personal skills whether they choose to start up their own business or work for employers.

SOVO-Student Office and Venture Office

●  Since its establishment in 2002, over 6,300 projects were incubated.

●  520+ virtual companies being established, including 174 that have officially incorporated.

●  900 million RMB of total value in start-up enterprises.

●  More than 100 activities and training sessions being held each year, with more than 100,000 participants recorded since 2002.