Developing application-oriented integrated nurturing model - TOPCARES educational approach

Taking producing quality students with sound characters as its primary mission, by integrating the latest reform achievements of international engineering education, DNUI has localized CDIO Approach to match Chinese students and created TOPCARES Index System. The first letter of each of eight competency area are put together as an abbreviation as TOPCARES symbolizing the unique education module DNUI promotes and at the time indicates the university’s intention to offer best care to students. Students are encouraged to create their own value by acquiring knowledge, enhancing skills and promoting competences so that they can add value to the society.


 DNUI has applied the relevant core competency index system within TOPCARES to all aspects of delivery of educational programs, the result of this practice is that: A complete forward thinking curriculum has been developed featuring capability assessment, project facilitation and dynamic course updates; Degree education, innovative & entrepreneurial education, humanistic character education and ideological & political education are nicely integrated in one education model;  A project-oriented internship system has been established which fulfils a number of key goals: student-centered learning, engineering project focused, flexible teaching unit system, bilingual teaching and targeted teaching based on student levels etc.; Relevant teaching quality assurance system is established appropriate to TOPCARES Talent Nurturing Education Model.