Our school was selected as a “Smart Education Demonstration University” in Liaoning Province in 2022-2023
Release time:2024-01-02 

Recently, according to the Announcement of the First Batch of Acceptance Evaluation and the Second Batch of Selection Results of “Smart Education Demonstration Area” and “Smart Education Demonstration University” in Liaoning Province (EDL Notice [2023] No. 530), our school was selected as a “Smart Education Demonstration University”, and also the only private university among the eight selected undergraduate universities .

The project of “Smart Education Model University” aims to explore a long-term mechanism and form a new mode and path of smart education with first-mover advantages by promoting innovative research, constructing the supporting environment of smart learning and promoting the mode change and ecological reconstruction of education supported by new technologies, so as to better adapt to the economy. It helps to improve the quality of students in an all-round way, speed up the modernization of education and provide quality education that satisfies the people.

The approval for “Smart Education Model University” is a breakthrough in our school’s intelligent education and teaching effort, and another outstanding achievement in the work of intelligent education after the successful acceptance of the pilot project of digital campus construction in Liaoning Province. Next, the school will further deepen the intelligent management and strengthen the integration of big data under the new ecology of education, providing strong impetus and support for the high-quality development of the school.