Dalian Neusoft University of Information holds the 11th Club Carnival Event
Release time:2023-11-21 

On the morning of October 14th, the 11th "Exhibition of IT Student Style, Demonstrating the Charm of Neusoft Club" club carnival event of our school was held at the Sports Stadium of Bochuan Campus.

The event venue is orderly and lively. In front of the exhibition booth at the recruitment site, various clubs are showcasing their unique skills, including cool and explosive modern street dance, witty positive energy talk shows, and eye-catching cosplay shows. High-quality performances combine the characteristics of the club and artistic appreciation, showcasing the charm of the club and winning warm applause and cheers.

The exciting club roadshow is a beautiful scenery on campus, still occupying the core position at the club recruitment site. The activity scene was full of excitement, with crowds surging in front of the club booth. Students filled out the application form with joy, injecting youthful vitality into the rich campus culture.

Ren Hao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of the school, came to the event site to watch the wonderful performances of various clubs and had a friendly interaction with classmates.

The club carnival has stimulated the enthusiasm and creativity of various clubs, providing opportunities for everyone to showcase themselves.

The English Association’s foreign teacher Marlin said, “This is my eighth time coming to the club carnival, and the scene is very lively. I think it’s cool to stick to doing what you love! Because of passion, you participate! I hope all students can shine in their beloved fields."

Bi Wen, the instructor of the Assembly and Model Design Research Association, said, “The association mainly focuses on IP design and other creative activities. By leading students to explore better fields and enriching everyone’s campus cultural life, we hope that everyone can live up to their youth and make their favorite IP products.”

Hu Yifeng, head of the ACM club, said, “Our club’s focus is on algorithm competitions. By organizing some competitions in winter and spring at school, we can cultivate students’ professional abilities.” Join us, and everyone’s logical thinking and programming skills will be well exercised!

Liu Qiqi, a freshman from School of Foreign Languages, said, “This is my first time participating in a club carnival activity and fully experiencing the rich and colorful cultural life of the school. The Neusoft Emergency Association is my favorite club, and I hope to learn professional first aid knowledge and apply it to daily life in case of emergencies. I wish the club of Neusoft would become better and better."

Clubs gather charm, and youth energizes the era. The fervor of youth surges freely in front of the exhibition booth, and colorful dreams bloom passionately on campus.