Strive eagerly! Dalian Neusoft University of Information Holds the 15th Sports Games
Release time:2023-11-13 

Colorful flags fly and slogans are loud and clear. On September 22nd, the third phase sports stadium of Dalian Neusoft University of Information Software Park Campus was ignited with passion, becoming a passionate ocean! The 15th School Sports Meeting was held with great anticipation. All school leaders attended the meeting and gathered with teachers and students to cheer for the hard work of athletes and praise the uplifting youth! The meeting is presided over by Li Wei, Director of the Student Work Department and the Student Development and Service Department of the Party Committee.

Opening of the Sports Meeting

Accompanied by passionate music, the leaders of the national flag, the school flag, the bouquet team, the colorful flag team, the referee team, and the reviewing teams from various departments walked through the podium one by one for review. They have neat steps, loud slogans, unlimited creativity, and full display of style, taking on the youthful posture of the people of DNUI, showcasing the hard work and progress of the people of DNUI.

President Guo Quan announced the official opening of the 15th Sports Games.

The national flag guards marched with resounding steps and a magnificent momentum, with the five-star red flag slowly rising. The whole audience stood in awe and sang the national anthem in unison.

Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhang Guochen delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He extended warm congratulations on behalf of the school to the grand organization of this sports meeting.

At the opening ceremony, the School of Basic Education brought a group gymnastics performance called "DNUI, Youth". The scene was lively, enthusiastic, and full of youthful energy, fully showcasing the energetic spirit of DNUIers

On the field

On the competitive field, athletes raised their arms and ran, sweating and rushing towards the finish line amidst applause and cheers. They jumped, leaped, and drew beautiful curves between the breaths of their feet. To compete in speed in minutes and seconds, to have a competitive mentality in winning or losing, and to pass on friendship through relay. The DUNIers, with a fighting attitude, receive commendations that belong to their struggle.

At the same time, the referees, with a fair, just, and pragmatic attitude, record the results of the athletes with precision instruments, rigorous attitudes, and meticulous patience, providing protection for the athletes of DNUI to showcase their skills on the field. In the audience, the teachers and students shouted, "Come on! Come on!" This is the resonance of breathing and heartbeat both inside and outside the field, and it is the source of strength for athletes.

After the competition, the student art troupe of the school Youth League Committee brought a group gymnastics performance - "Singing and Dancing Youth". The scene was full of vitality and momentum, fully showcasing the unique vitality and vigor of the students from DNUI.

Closing of the sports meeting

Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President Ren Hao delivered a closing speech. He warmly congratulated the collective and individuals who achieved excellent results in this sports meeting, and expressed sincere gratitude to all the staff of the conference and the teachers and students who actively participated in this sports meeting.

The 15th Sports Meeting of Dalian Neusoft University of Information came to an end amidst applause and cheers. The power of sprinting and fighting, as well as the spirit of never giving up, have forever remained in the hearts of the people of Neusoft. We will continue to work together with full enthusiasm and upward spirit, bravely strive and pursue our dreams, and write a new chapter for Dalian Neusoft University of Information.