Our university won two national first prizes in the 2023 National College Digital Art & Design Awards
Release time:2023-11-02 

Recently, the 11th National College Digital Art and Design Competition (NCDA), hosted by the Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, announced the list of winners. The works of teachers and students from the School of Digital Arts and Design of Dalian Neusoft University of Information stood out among 289865 entries from 1826 participating universities, winning 2 national first prizes, 4 second prizes, and 5 third prizes. They also won 19 provincial first prizes, 29 second prizes, and 30 third prizes, fully demonstrating the excellent qualities and achievements of our teachers and students in design education, practical innovation, and team collaboration.

This competition aims to encourage and recognize individuals and teams who have outstanding performance and innovative spirit in the field of design. The entries cover various design fields, including visual communication design, product design, environmental design, digital media design, future design, etc. This competition has established 29 provincial-level competition areas, with a participation rate of 92.85% among top universities such as 985 universities; adopting a "five round, three-level, and double publicity" evaluation competition system. Among them, the first and second prizes of the provincial competition were nominated for the national finals.