Our school has won the first prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award again
Release time:2023-09-20 

Recently, Ministry of Education issued a decision on approving the 2022 National Teaching Achievement Award-winning projects. The “Innovation and Practice of the Multiple Collaborative Digital Talent Training Model of” Government School Enterprise “Based on Digital Workshop” jointly applied by Dalian Neusoft University of Information and Neusoft Education Technology Group, and presided over by Professor Wen Tao, the honorary president of the school, won the first prize of the national level teaching achievement award in the field of vocational education in Liaoning Province.

This is also the second time that the school has won the first prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award in 2005 which pioneered in private education of the whole country! At this point, Dalian Neusoft University of Information has accumulated 4 national-level teaching achievement awards and 72 provincial-level or above teaching achievement awards.

The innovation and practice of the diversified collaborative digital talent cultivation model of “government, universities, industry and enterprises” based on digital workshops addresses the pain and difficulty that the quantity, structure, and level of regional digital talent cultivation in China cannot fully meet the needs of the digital economy industry. Based on the advantages of industry education integration between Neusoft Education Technology Group and schools, the innovation of the cooperation mechanism among “government, universities, industry and enterprises” parties is aimed at, we have constructed and implemented a diversified collaborative digital talent training model based on digital workshops (i.e. high-level digital talent training and innovation service platforms) for “government, universities, industry and enterprises”. This model has the characteristics of capability evaluation orientation, multi-subject collaboration, and intelligent empowerment of the entire process of talent cultivation. Over the past eight years of implementation, it has provided strong talent and intellectual support for the development of the regional digital economy and the digital transformation and upgrading of industry industries, achieving good educational results.

The National Teaching Achievement Award is the highest in the field of educational research and practice established in accordance with the “Teaching Achievement Award Regulations” of the State Council, and is evaluated every four years to reward collectives and individuals who have achieved teaching results, encourage educators to engage in educational research, improve teaching level and quality, and represent the highest level of education and teaching work in China. A total of 1, 416 candidate projects for vocational education teaching achievement awards were recommended across the country, with a total of 572 awards, including 2 special prizes, 70 first prizes, and 500 second prizes.