Teachers of our school achieved excellent results in the Liaoning Provincial Teaching Innovation Competition for college teachers
Release time:2023-07-17 

Recently, the Educational Department of Liaoning Province announced the winners of the 2023 Teaching Innovation Competition for College Teachers in Liaoning Province. According to the results announced, a total of 7 teachers of our school won the provincial awards: Huang Wei, teacher from the School of Intelligence and Electronic Engineering, won the first prize; Dong Wenliang, teacher from the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Zhang Chunyan, teacher from the School of Foreign Languages, won the second prize; Liu Dan, teacher from the School of Computer and Software, Lu Tianrong, teacher from the School of Foreign Languages; Song Ping and Wang Hui, teachers from the School of Information and Business Management won the third prize.

Teacher Huang Wei, School of Intelligence & Electronic engineering

Teacher Dong Wenliang, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Teacher Zhang Chunyan, School of Foreign Languages

Teacher Liu Dan, School of Computer and Software

Teacher Lu Tianrong, School of Foreign Languages

Teacher Song Ping, School of Information and Business Management

Teacher Song Ping and Teacher Wang Hui, School of Information and Business Management

Liaoning College Teachers’ Teaching Innovation Competition is a regional competition of the National College Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition in Liaoning Province. This competition closely focuses on the theme of “building a high-quality education system”, comprehensively examines teachers’ achievements in teaching method innovation, curriculum ideological and political guidance, teaching team building, curriculum construction, and other aspects, aiming to deeply promote higher education teaching reform and assist in the construction of the “four new”, thus comprehensively improve the teaching level and educational ability of university teachers. The competition is divided into four stages: school competition, provincial preliminary competition, semi-finals, and finals. 10 special prizes, 50 first prizes, 139 second prizes, and 297 third prizes are selected.