Our school held the first Neusoft "Niuren Cup" software technology competition
Release time:2023-07-03 

On May 19, the final of the first Neusoft “Niuren Cup” software technology competition co-hosted by our university and Neusoft Group was held in the A1-306 lecture hall. The competition set up two tracks for intelligent networked vehicles and industry solutions, with more than 500 applicants. It lasted nearly two months with three rounds, namely, the preliminary round, semi-final round and final round. In the end, three champions, three runners-up, three third runners-up, six winning prizes, and 15 honorable mentions were selected.

This contest aims to consolidate students’ basic knowledge, enhance their engineering software application abilities, and strengthen the effective connection between talent cultivation in universities and the needs of the information industry by building an open and innovative software design competition platform. It further promotes the deep integration of industry and education, accelerates the cultivation of more high-end and excellent applied talents, enhances students’ innovation and practical abilities, and achieves high-quality industrial development.

At the final stage, a total of 5 groups entered the final competition. Participants from different colleges competed on stage to show their talents, learn from each other, and grow together through competition, fully showcasing the good spiritual outlook of Neusoft students.

Final of the “Niuren Cup” software technology competition

Nan Lilan, Deputy Director of Human Resources Department and Director of Staff Development Center of Neusoft Group, Zhang Jincheng, Director of PMO Management Center of Neusoft Automotive Electronic Solutions Division, Wang Xinbo, Project Director of the First Division of Neusoft Automotive Electronic Solutions Division, Shen Liangxiong, Senior Human Resources Manager of Neusoft Group, Liu Dongyang, Guo Jin and Gai Baijia, Senior Engineers of Neusoft Group. Xiao Jun, Vice Dean of the School of Intelligence and Electronic Engineering, Director of the Department of Intelligence and Telecommunications Engineering. Ren Changning, Deputy Director of the Department of Software and Big Data Technology of the School of Computer and Software, and Han Shuangshuang from the Department of Electronic and Robot Engineering of the School of Intelligence and Electronic Engineering, attended the award ceremony.

In his speech, Mr. Xiao Jun said that the school and Neusoft Group had given great support to the competition. He affirmed the achievements of the teaching method of “promoting learning through competition”. At the same time, he warmly congratulated the students who won the prize. He hoped that the students would continue to study hard and improve their comprehensive ability and competitiveness in the future.

Speech delivered by Mr. Xiao Jun

Director Nan Lilan congratulated the award-winning students and hoped to have more exchanges and cooperation in the future, to complement the advantages of both the school and the enterprise, and to work together to improve their learning and practical abilities, and to prepare for future students entering the workplace. She hoped more and more students could participate in the competition in the future, and hoped everyone could contribute their efforts to the development of the national IT industry. Finally, she welcomed everyone to join Neusoft’s “Niuren” College.

Director Nan Lilan was delivering the speech.

Then, the guests presented awards to the award-winning students.