The Kick-off Meeting of Expert Steering Committee of DNUI’s Baidu Artificial Intelligence Industry Academy Successfully Held
Release time:2023-01-09 

On November 19, 2022, the kick-off meeting of the expert steering committee of DNUI’s Baidu AI Industry Academy was held online. Shen Hua, Vice President of DNUI and Dean of Neusoft Baidu AI Industry Academy, attended the meeting. Zheng Chunjun, Vice President of School of Software, Wang Qian, Vice President of School of Information and Business Administrition, Li Jiaqi, Vice Director of Department of Intelligent Science and Technology, Liu Shutian, Vice Director of Department of Intelligent Medical Engineering, Li Xucheng, Vice Director of Department of Big Data Science, and Jia Ning, a teacher of Department of Big Data Science, attended the meeting.

The conference invited six senior experts from enterprises (industry), including Dalian Artificial Intelligence Ecological Innovation Center of Huawei Technologies, FIT (Tianjin) Testing Technology Co., Dalian Artificial Intelligence Industry Association, AsiaInfo Technology (China) Co., Beijing CHL Rob Co. and so on.

At the meeting, Vice President Zheng Chunjun firstly expressed his welcome and thanks to the participating leaders and experts, and elaborated on the purpose and significance of the Expert Steering Committee established by the Industrial College and expressed his hope that all experts could give more valuable opinions on the professional construction of the College.

At the same time, Vice President Zheng Chunjun announced the constitution of the Industrial College about the Expert Steering Committee, including the overall goal of the college, construction principles, construction content, the organizational structure of the Industrial College, the principle of selecting and hiring members, the working system and the development goals of the Industrial College, and announced the list of members of the professional steering committee.

In the subsequent exchange and discussion session, Yin Zhengxi, Technical Director of Dalian Artificial Intelligence Ecological Innovation Center, Chen Liming, R&D Director of Fit (Tianjin) Inspection Technology Co., Ltd, Qu He, Deputy Secretary General of Dalian Artificial Intelligence Industry Association, Zheng Ming and Chen Pengfan, Senior Engineers of AsiaInfo Technology (China) Co., Ltd, and Huang Guangya, Senior Project Manager of Beijing Hua Hang Vaishi Robotics Technology Co., Ltd, respectively, shared their views from the perspectives of big data, artificial intelligence industry, introduced the company's industry background, the demand for talents in previous years, the integration of industry and education positioning, mode and cooperation channels, professional construction and so on. Participating experts discussed issues in the fields of student management, talent training model, student internship and employment, and industry-university cooperation programs, and also made suggestions and expectations for the future in-depth integration of industry-university research and specific work.

Vice President Shen Hua expressed his gratitude to the experts for their arrival. He introduced the background and development history of the establishment of Modern Industrial College of our university, emphasized the importance of running Modern Industrial College, and fully affirmed the preliminary work of Modern Industrial College in the construction of professional groups of artificial intelligence and big data, talent training, integration of industry and education, and integration of science and innovation. At the same time, he put forward specific requirements on the problems of industrial colleges: facing the development of regional economy and talent service problems, it is necessary to strengthen the synergy of multiple subjects of universities, local governments, industry associations and enterprises, i.e. to develop AI industrial colleges of 2.0 version; it is still necessary to open the organic connection of education chain, talent chain and innovation chain, to put the focus of industrial colleges in the direction of the whole chain of industry, to gather upstream, midstream and It is still necessary to focus the industrial college on the direction of the whole chain of industry, gather the quality resources from upstream, midstream and downstream, and establish a reasonable mechanism to achieve more stable and efficient cooperation. He expressed the hope that the future cooperation under the guidance of experts will build an open, collaborative and win-win ecological system of industry-education integration, form a benefit-sharing and long-term stable cooperation mechanism, and create an example of close integration between the field of artificial intelligence and Dalian Neusoft University of Information.