Our President Guo Quan was invited to attend the Arctic Council Russia High-end Forum and made a report
Release time:2022-12-23 

On November 10, 2022, the Arctic Council Russia High-end Forum "The National Megaproject: Personnel and Research Support Conference" was held in Arkhangelsk, Russia. At the invitation of Kuriasova Yelina Vladimirovna, President of the Artic Floating University of Russia, Guo Quan attended the forum online, and made a keynote report at the plenary meeting, "Neusoft Smart Education: Digital Technology Empowers IT Talent Education", sharing the exploration and practice of our IT talent cultivation, digital campus construction, smart education, Metaverse and other aspects, reviewing the achievements of our university and Beijing United University in terms of academic and student exchanges, and also expressing the hope that in the future the two universities would explore cooperation in digital technology enabling talent training and digital North Pole on the basis of deepening academic education, practical training and joint scientific research cooperation.

This forum, hosted by the Russian Ministry of Education, Ministry of Far East and Arctic Development and Artic Floating University, aimed to discuss major issues such as digital construction and educational modernization in the Arctic region. It was one of a series of official activities planned to promote the sustainable development of the Arctic region during Russia's rotating Arctic Council. Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trunev of Russia, President of the Arctic Council Nikolai Kosunov, Deputy Minister of Education Andrei Amircuk of Russia, Deputy Minister of Far East and Arctic Development Anatoly Boblakov of Russia, Academician Alexei Gvisiani of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other government officials, famous scholars and business executives participated in the forum in online and offline forms. The speech focused on the modern socio-economic changes and transformation of the labor market in the Arctic, the quality and modernization of education in the Arctic, and the implementation of the Arctic development strategy. The forum was comprehensively reported by the media such as Russia's CCTV 1 and TASS News Agency.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trunev sent a congratulation letter to the Forum

Andrei Amirchuk, Deputy Minister of Education of Russia, delivered a speech online

The Arctic Council was established in 1996 and consists of eight countries including Russia, Canada and the United States. It aims to promote cooperation, coordination and interaction among Arctic countries, Arctic indigenous people and other Arctic residents on common Arctic issues, especially on issues such as sustainable development of the Arctic, environmental protection, residents' lives, medical and health improvement, and promotion of scientific, educational and cultural exchanges.

Northern Arctic Federal University of Russia was established in 2010. It is the largest science and education center in the northwest of Russia and is a member of the Eurasian University Association and the Russian Association of Leading Universities. Our university has established cooperation with Northern Arctic Federal University since 2019. In recent years, teachers and students of the two universities have frequent exchanges and interactions. The Online IT School held by the University provides students with the opportunity to learn big data and AI short-term courses online with foreign experts of the University. Scholars of the two universities have also conducted in-depth academic exchanges in this field.

On the opening day of the forum, Li Yingqiu, Vice President of our university, Rong Yidan, Dean of the school of International Education, and Feng Shixuan, Vice Dean of the school of International Education, also attended the forum plenary meeting online.

Vice President Li Yingqiu attended the general meeting of the forum.