Our school held the 10th Student Association Carnival
Release time:2022-12-16 

On the morning of October 30, the tenth student association carnival of our school opened in the gymnasium of Bochuan campus. The new students of Grade 2022 came to the event site with great expectations to find a stage of their own interest and feel the charm of the campus culture of Neusoft.

Nearly 100 student associations were arranged in a square arrayed in the gymnasium, orderly and lively. Each student association showed its talents and abilities and its respective characteristics to students. Some student associations took out their skills to show their wonderful performances on the big stage in the center of the exhibition area: the eye-catching Cosplay show, the passionate dance, the ingenious face-changing magic, and the troupe parade in costumes, which fully demonstrated the rich and colorful culture of the Great Neusoft.

The wonderful roadshow was still a highlight of the student association carnival: the singing and dancing performances of the college art troupe attracted many new students and won the applauses; all members of the Hanfu Club bowed and saluted in colorful Hanfu, which attracted the students to take photos and applaud... The student associations showed their skills, and the applause and cheers were repeated. Many students came to their favorite club booth and filled in the registration form with joy and hope.

Ren Hao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of DNUI, came to the event site, visited the exhibition booths of various associations, listened to the explanations and introductions of the students, watched the style display of the associations, and communicated with the students at the event site.

The student association carnival provided a platform for freshmen to understand and participate in campus culture, and also brought new opportunities for the construction and development of various associations.