For two consecutive years’ Shanghai Ranking, our college ranked third among all the private universities, and ranked first among Science and Engineering colleges!
Release time:2022-04-19 

On April 19, 2022, Shanghai Ranking, the world's leading higher education authority, officially released the "2022 Shanghai Ranking of Chinese Universities ". In 2022, 208 private colleges and universities in China are on Shanghai Ranking. With 16 more colleges and universities than last year, Dalian Neusoft University of Information has been ranked the third in the country for two consecutive years, and ranked the first among science and engineering colleges and universities in the country, ranking the first among private colleges and universities in Liaoning Province, which fully reflects the strength and broad social recognition that our school has accumulated over the past 22 years.

Shanghai Ranking is a world leading higher education evaluation institution. The "Ranking of Chinese Universities" and "Ranking of World class Disciplines" regularly released by Shanghai Ranking every year have been concerned and reported by the People's Daily, Guangming Daily, China Education News and other domestic authoritative media. The objectivity and persuasiveness of the ranking indicators and methods have been highly recognized by higher education experts and have high social credibility.

The "Ranking of China's Universities in Shanghai Ranking” was formerly the "Ranking of China's Best Universities". Since its first release in 2015, it has won wide attention and recognition both inside and outside the field of higher education with its professional, objective and transparent advantages, and has become a leading brand in ranking Chinese universities with important social influence and authoritative reference value. The evaluation system of "Ranking of Chinese Universities in Shanghai Ranking” is derived from the self-developed visual evaluation patent technology. Relying on the big data support of "360 degree data monitoring platform of universities", it sets up ten evaluation modules, including school level, discipline level, school resources, faculty size and structure, talent training, scientific research, serving society, high-end talents, major projects and achievements, and international competitiveness, and subdivides 36 evaluation dimensions, 104 evaluation indicators are embedded, involving 320 evaluation variables, which is a three-dimensional monitoring evaluation of the level of Chinese universities