Our school invited Takano Yoshihiro, Chairman and President of Shohoku College of Sony Campus, to hold a series of business lectures online
Release time:2022-03-24 

Since December 2021, Mr. Takano Yoshihiro, chairman and president of Shohoku College of Sony Campus, has presented a series of business lectures to our teachers and students. His first lecture on logistics engineering, Procurement Reform Mode in the New Retail Background, has received positive feedback from the participating teachers and students. At the beginning of this spring semester, our School of International Education, together with the Department of Human Resources Management and the Department of Financial Management of the School of Information and Business Management, jointly planned to invite President Takano to give online lectures to our students, and nearly 600 teachers and students listened to the lecture online.

President Takano gave two lectures entitled Organizational Reform and Talent Training and Cost Improvement to our teachers and students respectively on the "human" and "financial" elements in the business elements. During the second online lecture of President Takano, our President Guo Quan communicated with President Takano. President Guo Quan expressed his gratitude for the series of business lectures that President Takano carefully prepared for our teachers and students. He hoped that the students attending the lectures would cherish the precious opportunity to learn from experts, learn from President Takano’s years of practical experience in the industry, improve their professional ability and professionalism, and apply what they learned to their future career development.

Speech by President Guo Quan

Lecture PPT - Procurement Business Pyramid

Lecture PPT - The Importance of Information Warfare Operations in International Procurement