Neusoft Teachers’Original Design Sculpture Landed in Bochuan Campus Library
Release time:2022-02-11 

Recently, a sculpture was added on the hall of the first floor of E1 Library in Bochuan campus, which attracted many teachers and students to visit and take photos.

The sculpture, called Hui Ju (Get Together), looks like a tall tree with three freely spreading leaves on its crown. The whole body of the sculpture is forged with stainless steel. The three closely connected trunks are up to 4.8 meters high, showing a spiral rising posture. The vibrant image complements the transparent library hall, highlights the educational function and moral meaning of the library, and makes the building richer and more flexible. The sculpture symbolizes the tree of thinking. The outer contour of the top three leaves is like the leaves of the brain symbolize wisdom. It outlines the freehand space feeling of the tree of innovation with abstract design language.

The work was created by Song Shukui, a teacher of the School of Digital Arts and Design, with the participation of Zhuang Ziyou and Lin Jiayi. "The design of the work began in early June this year and began to be made after it was finalized in early August. First, a small clay sculpture was created, then a three-dimensional modeling was carried out, and it was made according to the small 3D printed manuscript. In the process, stainless steel was used for forging. Because it is a curved surface, every part of the sculpture was forged by hand, and the leaves were spliced a little bit and then forged. After forming, it is still in progress. Only by polishing the mirror surface can we have this sense of transparency, "Mr. Song said.

Mr. Song said, "Neusoft is an application-oriented university, which attaches great importance to the coordinated development of students' theoretical level and practical ability. As a teacher, we should constantly improve our ability and vision in artistic creation, so as to better bring professional knowledge and ability to students in classroom teaching."