The Association Carnival of DNUI opened in Bochuan campus
Release time:2021-10-25 

On the morning of October 24, the Association Carnival of DNUI opened in Bochuan campus. Colorful tents extended from the school gate to the playground, where bustling students gathered with interests and dreams.

This year, nearly 100 associations participated in the carnival, including sports competition, culture and arts, academic science and technology, service practice and humanities and politics. Early in the morning, the leaders of various associations took a bus from the main campus to the new campus to arrange booths. The campus was also lively in the morning. Various association booths have come up with their own special skills to make the fierce campaign more intense. Eye catching cosplay, unique magic show, beautiful song interpretation, handsome and cool skateboard display, amazing professional community display……

Ren Hao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of the University, visited the association carnival, communicated with the students of various communities and the freshmen at the activity site, and put forward pertinent suggestions to everyone.

The association carnival is a very good activity, which cannot only enrich the students' campus life, let each club show their style, but also let everyone find all kinds of interests. Joining a club can not only improve learning ability, but also help career planning in the future. For example, the English association can let students find the fun of learning English and learn in happiness.

——Marlin, English Association

I think this campaign is somewhat different from the past. It is the first time to recruit new students in Bochuan campus. It is relatively inconvenient in terms of goods transportation, but we still try our best to present a good association style for the students. I can feel that the freshmen are full of longing for the association, and I hope more and better people can join. I hope you can live up to your youth and dreams.

——Dong Wendi, Head of the National Flag Guards of DNUI

It is the first time that I have participated in the club carnival, and I felt that there were many kinds of clubs in our school, which provided us with a very rich choice. Thank you very much for the platform and opportunity provided by the school. We can participate in some community activities in our spare time to enrich ourselves.

——Chen Yixin, a freshman from the School of Information and Business Management