The Opening Ceremony of 2021 Freshmen of DNUI was grandly held
Release time:2021-09-30 

On the afternoon of September 29, the Opening Ceremony of 2021 Freshmen of DNUI and the Commendation Meeting for 2020-2021 Academic Year was grandly held in the stadium of Bochuan campus.

On behalf of the school, President Wen Tao extended a warm welcome to 5,002 new students of Grade 2021 from all over the country and heartfelt congratulations to the commended collectives and individuals. He encouraged all freshmen to set lofty ideals and ignite youth with struggle; establish morality and self-cultivation, and highlight youth with conduct; learn to broaden talents and irrigate youth with knowledge; bravely shoulder great responsibilities to guide youth. It is hoped that the students will hold high the sail of struggle, grasp the oar of struggle, pursue and create with the attitude of daring to act and pursuing excellence, bravely be an aspirant, pioneer and devotee at the forefront of the times, and become socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics and labor.

A Commendation Conference for the 2020-2021 academic year was also held on site. The leaders of the school successively read out the commendation decisions of the school's outstanding collectives and individuals, Alps Scholarship, Neusoft Education Scholarship, "25 hour" Alumni Scholarship and Huatian Scholarship. The award-winning representatives were commended at the meeting.

Chen Liangnan, student of Class 21008 of Software from the School of Software, spoke on behalf of 2021 freshmen. He said that from the moment he stepped into the school, he deeply fell in love with it and was proud to be the first batch of students in Bochuan campus. Next, we will adapt to the new life as soon as possible, set lofty goals, be knowledgeable and determined, work hard and forge ahead.

Men Yu, winner of Huatian Scholarship and from Class Information 18003 of School of Information and Business Management, spoke on behalf of the award-winning students. She thanked the school for its training and teachers' guidance in the past three years, shared her university experience and feelings with the freshmen, and encouraged the students to establish confidence, adhere to their dreams, achieve the future on the broad stage of Neusoft campus, and take on the responsibility of the times with solid shoulders.

Li Zhenning, a 2008 alumnus majoring in Software Engineering of the School of Software, spoke on behalf of the alumni. He shared his entrepreneurial story and experience with his younger fellow brothers and sisters, reviewed his learning experience and practical perception fondly during school, and expressed his pride in the new development and changes made by the school. He encouraged the students to refuse to "lie flat" and not be afraid of "involution", make a good life plan, lay a solid professional foundation, cherish college time, have the courage to pursue and realize their dreams. The humorous speech style won bursts of applause.

Song Wenbin, a teacher of the School of Intelligent and Electronic Engineering, spoke on behalf of all teachers. Combined with the answers of students in the "First Question at the Beginning of School" Activity carried out before entering school, he planned with the students to open the best future in Neusoft, which had been innovating and developing and moving forward bravely, with the courage and fearless spirit, the power of erudition and good thinking and the guidance of lofty aspirations.